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(PLEASE HELP ME: I want to know how to make those headers (photo for more sense:

Pls help!

). Please tell me in the discussion thing of my wiki. After a day, ill remove this.)

EDIT: it will stay up for a while acutally so ye

Discord Server!

I haz a discord server!!: https://discord.gg/U6s8Gpv Join for support or just dont join, it don matter.




NOTE: if mods ban this wiki, idc, i got bored and made this. enjoj

NOTE 2: Even if this does get banned, im glad ive reached 20 pages.


Day 4 of 010OTHER Wikia... nothing

Welcome to the 010OTHER Wiki



this is some random wiki i made so idc if this gets banned, im just bored. soz.

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wat iz ur fav color hjdfhdasjkf

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